2011 Nordic Marine Insurance Statistics Reports

Calm before the storm...?

Ultra large claim defies conclusion

2011 concludes a 3-year period of relative benign clam frequencies and severity after the costly 3-year period from 2006 to 2008. While the 2012 Costa Concordia claim makes it difficult to project claims trends into the future, the 2011 reports give good insight into recent hull claims trends in the wake of the financial and economical crisis. In the 2011 NoMIS reports for Ocean and Coastal Hull, detailed claims trends are made available per vessel type, age group, size group and for other subportfolios. 

The 2011 Cefor Annual Report

Underlying data for the 2011 Cefor Annual Report

Press Release

The 2011 Cefor NoMIS Ocean Hull Report

The 2011 Cefor NoMIS Coastal Hull Report