Webinar Casualty trends 28 April 2020

Cefor analyst Astrid Seltmann will give an insight into Cefor's latest hull casualty trends, with particular focus on fires. Contents will include:

  • Casualty trends for partial and major claims and total losses
  • Hull claims in the context of world fleet and vessel value trends
  • Claims frequency versus vessel speed
  • Geographic impact on claims
  • The fire challenge - Containers et al.

The webinar will focus around the recent analyses of hull trend data by the Cefor Statistics Forum, based on the Nordic Marine Insurance Statistics (NoMIS) database. Cefor will release comprehensive hull trend data as of year-end 2019 on the day of its annual meeting 2 April 2020 here

The Webinar will be facilitated by the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI). Sign up here.