Fires - still burning

A new Cefor fire trend analysis, based on reported casualties as per year-end 2021, illustrates that fires have not shown the same positive trend as most other casualty types.

Of special concern is the high occurrence of fires on container-carrying vessels and Car/RoRo vessels. The recent fires on the car carrier 'Felicity Ace' in the Atlantic ocean and the passenger ferry 'Euroferry Olympia' in Greek waters illustrate the danger fires on vessels pose to crew, cargo, passengers and environment.

Read the new Cefor fire trend analysis here.

The full scope of all ocean and coastal hull trends per December 2021 will be published at the Cefor website 7 April during the Cefor Annual Seminar.

Cefor Analyst Astrid Seltmann will further explain the trends in a webinar (date to be announced shortly).