2010 IUMI Conference, Zurich 12-15 September

Facts and Figures Committee Reports as presented on Monday 13.09.2010, by F&F Committee chairman Mr. Cedric Charpentier and vice-chairman and Cefor analyst/actuary Ms. Astrid Seltmann. Including reported claims ladder statistics and estimated ultimate loss ratios for underwriting years up to 2009.

At the F&F Open Forum, presentations were given by Ms. Giorgia Rama, senior vice president and actuary at Swiss Re, and Ms. Hassiba Benamara from UNCTAD.

In addition, the Facts and Figures Committee again issued Fact Sheets for Hull, Energy and Cargo.

IUMI 2010. Global Shipping Market Trends  (Mr. Cédric Charpentier)

IUMI 2010. Global Marine Insurance Report (Ms. Astrid Seltmann)

Image of Astrid Seltmann

   See presentation as webcast here
   (Monday 13th: Global Marine Insurance Report)


IUMI 2010. The Effect of Inflation on Hull Repair Costs  (Ms. Giorgia Rama)

IUMI 2010. Shipping and global trade: A review of major developments (Ms. Hassiba Benamara)

Hull Fact Sheet 2010

Energy Fact Sheet 2010

Cargo Fact Sheet 2010


Actuaries and Underwriters: a Rose War?

In addition to the usual IUMI sessions, this year's conference offered a "special treat" by inviting an actuary, a direct underwriter and a reinsurance underwriter to give there opinions on the "necessity" versus "nonsense" of employing actuaries in marine insurance.
First man out was Norwegian Hull Club's actuary, or "Business Intelligence Director" Mr. Christian Irgens, with good arguments for why the "rose war" was over at least in his company, and who got unexpected strong support by last speaker and SCOR chief underwriter for Marine and Energy Mr. Jim McDonald. The whole session was moderated and summed up by IUMI secretary Mr. Fritz Stabinger.

Image of Christian Irgens

An Actuary takes his stand (Mr. Christian Irgens)

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