The Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan of 1996, Version 2010

Version 2016 of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 Plan was approved by the five signatory parties to the Nordic Plan Agreement and published 1 October 2015. The next version of the Plan - Version 2019 - will become available 1 October 2018.

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Previous versions of the Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan of 1996 and the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 are also available from this website.

An overview of the main amendments in Version 2016 is available here.

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Signatory parties

Danish Shipping
The Finnish Shipowners’ Association
The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association
The Swedish Shipowners’ Association

The Plan's Standing Revision Committee, Version 2019

Marie MELING, Secretary NIFS, NO

Sveinung MÅKESTAD Gard, NO
Roar SANDEN Norwegian Hull Club, NO
Johan KAHLMETER The Swedish Club, SE
Hanne RYDELSBORG Codan Marine, DK
Ronny HINDERSSON Alandia Insurance, AX
Einar SANDBAKKEN Skuld Marine Agency, NO
Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Karoline L. BØHLER Norwegian Shipowners' Association, NO
Marthe ROMSKOUG Wilhelmsen Marine Services, NO
Hogne NESSE Høegh Autoliners, NO

Swedish Shipowners' Association
Ôrjan KARLSSON Stena Rederi, SE

Danish Shipping
Claes WESTMAN A.P. Møller-Maersk, DK

Finnish Shipowners' Association
Olli KYTÖ Seainvest, AX

Average Adjuster
Bjørn SLAATTEN Average Adjuster, NO



Eirik FOSLAND Tromstrygd, NO
Lone SCHEUER LARSEN Codan Marine, DK
Caroline Stenman DENCKER If, SE
Magne ANDERSEN Nordisk Skibsrederforening, NO
Tarja BERGVALL Alandia Insurance, AX
Nicolas WILMOT Gard, NO

Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Odd-Christian KROHN Fred. Olsen, NO
Eivind KILLENGREEN Wilhelmsen Marine Serivces, NO

Swedish Shipowners' Association
Henrik ERVID Wallenius Marine, SE

Danish Shipping
Henriette INVGARDSEN Danish Shipping, DK
Anne Mentz HANSEN Torm, DK

Average Adjuster
Vibeke KOFOED   Average Adjuster DK 

Important dates

1 June 2017 Deadline proposals from the signatory parties
1 June 2017 - 1 June 2018 SRC deliberations
1 June 2018 - 1 July 2018 Proposed amendments from SRC open for comments
15 September 2018 Final proposal from SRC to signatory parties
1 October 2018 2019 Version approved by signatory parties
no later than
15 October 2018
The Nordic Plan 2013, Version 2019 published on the Internet

Please note that only the signatory parties may propose amendments to the Plan's Standing Revision Committee (SRC). Deadline for proposed amendments to Version 2019 is 1 June 2017.

Proposed amendments for inclusion in this version of the Plan may be forwarded to the signatory parties for consideration. All proposals forwarded to Cefor will be considered by our Plan Revision Forum. 
E-mail: (Forum secretary)