Costs to minimize loss, GA, Sue and Labour

The Nordic Plan Cl. 4-7 states the general principle that the insurer is liable for costs incurred to avert and minimize loss. It covers all extraordinary and reasonable costs incurred to avert or minimize the vessel from an insured peril (including GA and Salvage.) Cover is limited to an additional sum insured and is not subject to a deductible.

ITCH covers measures to avert and minimize loss in two separate clauses. Cl. 11 addresses General Average and Salvage and Cl. 13 addresses Sue and Labour. Clause 11 and Clause 13 are subject to same deductible as applied to PA and RDC. Costs under Clause 13 (Sue and Labour) are limited to an additional sum insured. No deductible will be applicable to allowed costs under Clause 13 if the vessel is deemed a total loss.