22 May 2020

US Global Maritime Advisory
- Gard
- Skuld

15 May 2020

Vessel monitoring and P&I insurance
- Gard
- The Swedish Club

1 May 2020

Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Sanctions enforment update
- Skuld
- Gard
- The Swedish Club

13 January 2020

Skuld: US issues new sanctions agains four sectors of Iranian economy

18 November 2019

The Swedish Club: EU impose sanctions against Turkey

10 October 2019

The Swedish Club: How far reaching are the recent sanctions against Cosco (Dalian) and others?

12 September 2019

US sanctions on the Government of Venezuela and Petroleos de Venezuela
- Skuld
- Gard

10 September 2019 Skuld: Latest news on Iran sanctions
September 2019 Gard: Guidance on the US sanctions compliance programmes published by OFAC
8 August 2019 Skuld: Venezuela sanctions - increased scope
29 May 2019 Gard: AIS tracking and sanctions compliance
9 May 2019 Skuld: Sanctions against Iran
The Swedish Club: New sanctions against Iran
29 March 2019 Skuld: Sanctions against Iran, Syria and North Korea
March 2019 Gard: Iran trading - fixed P&I cover update
13 February 2019 Venezuela sanctions
14 January 2019 Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Enforcement of UN, I.S. and EU sanctions
23 November 2018 Iranian trade after 4 November 2018:
16 November 2018 Norwegian Hull Club: Iran sanctions - implications and recommendations
8 November 2018 Gard: US sanctions on Iran back in full force
23 October 2018 The Swedish Club: Iran sanctions have wide impact on payments
9 August 2018 EU Regulation 2271/97 (Blocking Regulation
2 August 2017 The Swedish Club: US Congress passes Russia, Iran, and North Korea sanctions bill in sweeping move
9 June 2017 Skuld: Qatar: Boycott by other nations
The Swedish Club: Saudia Arabia, the UAE, Bahrin and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar
8 June 2017 Gard: Qatar - ships affected by rising diplomatic tension in the Middle East
17 May 2016 The Swedish Club: Iran trading - notification requirement
14 April 2016 The Swedish Club: Iran trading - increased limit of fall-back cover
21 March 2016 The Swedish Club: Iran trading - P&I cover update
22 February 2016 The Swedish Club: Iran trading - P&I cover
20 January 2016 The Swedish Club: Lifting of certain sanctions under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
2015 Alandia: The impact of international sanctions on insurance cover
24 August 2015 The Swedish Club: War risk insurance: Procedure for calling Iran and Syria
16 January 2015 Gard: STS operations involving Iranian origin crude oil