General information

The course covers all relevant chapters of the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013, Version 2019, taught through practical exercises and examples.


1. Introduction

The Nordic Marine Insurance Plan (NMIP) seen in a historical perspective
The NMIP's Global position
The NMIP's Legal foundation

NMIP's Structure including the motives


2. Part 1 of the NMIP; Rules common for all types og insurance

Chapter 1: Introductory Provisions - Clauses 1-1– 1-4

Chapter 2: General rules relating to the scope of the insurance  - Clauses 2-1 – 2-16
Focus on insurable interest and insurable value. Perils insured against, causation and loss with particular focus on Cl. 2-11.

Chapter 3: Duty of the person effecting the insurance and of the assured - Clauses 3-1 – 3-38
Focus on duty of disclosure, alteration of risk, safety regulations, measures to avert or minimize loss, casualties caused intentionally or negligently by the assured and identification.

Chapter 4: Liability of the Insurer - Clauses 4-1 – 4-21
Focus on general rules, cost of measures to avert or minimize the loss, salvage and general average, liability of the assured to third parties, and the sum insured as the limit of the liability of the insurer.

Chapter 5: Settlement of Claims - Clauses 5-1 – 5-24
Focus on claims adjustment, interest, payments on account, liability of the assured towards third parties, claims by the assured for damages against third parties, rights of the insurer to the object insured upon payment of a claim and limitation.

Chapter 6: Premium - Clauses 6-1 – 6-7

Chapter 7: Co-insurance of mortgagees - Clauses 7-1 – 7-4

Chapter 8: Co-insurance of third parties - Clauses 8-1 – 8-4

Chapter 9: Relations between the claims leader and co-insurers - Clauses 9-1 – 9-11


3. Part 2 of the  NMIP; Hull insurance

Chapter 10: General rules relating to the scope of the hull insurance - Clauses 10-1 – 10-12

Chapter 11: Total loss - Clauses 11-1 - 11-9

Chapter 12: Damage - Clauses 12-1 – 12-19
Introduction to the various paragraphs, particular focus on Cl. 12-3 Inadequate maintenance, Cl. 12-4 Error in design, Cl. 12-5 Losses that are not recoverable, Cl. 12-11 Invitations to tender and Cl. 12-12 Choice of repair yard.

Chapter 13: Liability of the assured arising from collision or striking - Clauses 13-1 – 13-4


4. Part 3 of the NMIP; Other insurance for ocean going ships

Chapter 14: Separate insurance against total loss - Clauses 14-1 – 14-4

Chapter 15: War risk insurance - Clauses 15-1 – 15-23

Chapter 16: Loss of hire insurance - Clauses 16-1 – 16-16
Brief introduction to Part Four; Other insurances

Chapter 17: Special rules for fishing vessels and small freighters, etc.

Chapter 18: Insurance of mobile offshore units (MOUs)

Chapter 19: Builders' risks insurance



Bjørn Skaar joined the insurance industry in 1988 working as claims consultant on H&M in Uni, and later Unitas. In 1991 he joined Gjensidige to work with claims, risk assessment and underwriting.

In 1997 Tron Nummedal and Bjørn Skaar started up an H&M operation for the German Insurance group Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG, later known as HDI-Gerling and HDI Global. In 2016, Skuld aquired all shares of Gerling Norway and as of 2017 the company is rebranded Skuld Marine Agency. 

With his nautical background, Bjørn Skaar has been active for many years as lecturer at the Norwegian Insurance Academy and through SMA Academy.



The course is aimed at professionals working within the marine insurance industry; insurance companies, ship owners, insurance brokers and others with an interest to learn more about the Plan related to practical underwriting, claims and documentation. Participants should have some background from work with insurance related matters.

This course may count with 16 teaching hours towards continuing professional training and development requirements found in Article 10 no. 2 of the EU Insurance Distribution Directive 2016/97 (‘IDD’).

Please note that IDD requirements may vary depending on your domicile and its’ transposition of the EU Directive into national, domestic law. Cefor cannot guarantee the application of the above in your country of domicile.



Tuition fee*:      
  Cefor members: NOK 8,000
  Non-Cefor members: NOK 10,000
Duration: 3 days  


* Includes lunches, coffee/tea breaks and the Plan. Hotel accomodation not included.