Cefor at the 7th International Marine Claims conference (IMCC), 22-24 September, Dublin

One week after IUMI, international claims handling experts gathered again at the Grand Hotel in Malahide. The 7th IMCC was opened by conference organiser Charlotte Warr and conference Chair Mike Telford, followed by Cefor Chair Ole Wikborg, who in his role as newly elected IUMI President gave an overview over IUMI's structure and goals and the global marine insurance market. After the opening session, Cefor analyst Astrid Seltmann gave the first of the claims-related in-depth presentations, with an overview over the 2010 Cefor machinery/engine claims trends at various detail levels (general trends, machinery claims by types, causes, vessel types, slow/medium/high speed, electronical/mechanical engines, age & bore group):
Cefor engine/machinery claims report

Cefor is further represented in IMCC's Strategy Group by Viggo Kristensen (Cefor) and Tony Schröder (Swedish Club). For the complete programme and info on IMCC, check: www.marineclaimsconference.com