Nordic and Norwegian Marine Insurance Conditions and Clauses issued by Cefor

Please note: The following insurance conditions and clauses are standard policy conditions and thus purely illustrative. They are not binding on Cefor members. The parties negotiating an insurance contract are completely free to agree upon other insurance conditions and clause wordings or modify the listed insurance conditions and clauses.

Copyright statement:
© Copyright to all clauses posted below:
The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (Cefor) 2015
All rights reserved.

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    A new edition of "Handbook on hull insurance" by authors Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen and Hans Jacob Bull is now available for sale.

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  • Interest Rates on Claims 2017

    Interest Rates on Claims settled in accordance with the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 (the Plan) for 2017 are  now available  under Clauses. This information is updated January every year.
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  • Nordic Plan translations

    Version 2016 of the Nordic Plan is now available in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish language editions.

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